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Situated 72 kilometres west of Accra in Ghana lies a true African oasis, THE OUTSKIRTSThe Outskirts now selling off-plan offers exclusive accommodation made up of luxury Suites and Villas nestled along the quiet little town of Mankoadze on a beautiful oceanfront with stunning views.  The Outskirts quietly welcome you to leave it all behind and step into a private paradise. A selection of 23 Luxury Villas and 20 One-Bedroom Suites redefines the holiday experience. 

Oceanfront luxury apartments for rent in Accra, Ghana.

These luxury Suites and Villas were designed to seamlessly merge their natural surroundings with modern amenities to offer total relaxation.  Just steps away from the ocean, all Suites and Villas will be beautifully adorned with artisan artwork and other high-quality furnishings. If you are looking for short stay in Ghana, you are on the right page. 

The Villas have walk-in showers, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, naturally finished floors and a large private deck that is great for stargazing.  Each room will be lit by soft-glowing lights and cooled by air conditioners, ceiling fans and the fresh ocean breeze

That is the OUTSKIRTS, oceanfront luxury apartments for rent in Accra, Ghana, has been created a serene and tranquil environment without compromising on clean aesthetics. The development will create a safe space for you to retreat and rejuvenate.

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