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Ghana Oceanfront Property For Sale – Villas, Suites, and Private Homes

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Waterfront properties are an ideal addition to a real estate investor’s portfolio. It is also a great accommodation choice for holidaymakers, tourists, retirees, or Ghanaian residents looking to have a vacation home and blend between city life and a relaxed lifestyle. The Outskirts Resort Ghana is an ideal waterfront investment choice, as it is not only a waterfront property, it also offers a breathtaking landscape.

An Experience of Luxury Steeped in Nature.

This upcoming Resort is located in the Central Region of Ghana, Mankoadze – 72 kilometers west of Accra (about an hour drive), and also about an hour thirty minutes drive to Cape Coast. The seaside of Mankoadze provides amazing scenery for luxurious living, with clean beaches, lined with palm trees and beautiful vegetation-covered hills.

This development is planned and built to make the landscape an integral feature. The developers have curated an incredible lifestyle concept with amenities and activities in tune with the surrounding nature which would provide its residents with the Outskirts Resort experience.

Villas and Suites – Designed to offer the complete Outskirt Resort Experience.

The Outskirts Resort, now selling off-plan, is offering an exclusive oceanfront and vegetation-covered hill view deluxe suites and villas of 1,2,3 & 4 bedrooms. It is a collection of 23 Luxury Villas and 20 One-Bedroom Suites and features a spacious concierge area, a modern restaurant, kids’ activity/play area, contemporary beach bar and grill, and an outdoor swimming area.

The Rooms – Designed to seamlessly merge their natural surroundings and the modern amenities, each Villa has a large private deck which is great for stargazing, floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors, and naturally finished floors to offer total relaxation. The rooms are lit by soft-glowing lights and cooled by air conditioners, ceiling fans, and the fresh ocean breeze.
Each room is beautifully adorned with artisan artwork and other high quality furnishing. You can get a fully furnished unit at an unbeatable discounted price using this discount code: Outskirts_Ana_23 . The Villas and Suites available for sale, either ready built or off-plan.

Smart Investment Choice at a Unique Location

This development is a great option for anyone looking for waterfront property in central region Ghana to buy, as it is along the route to Cape Coast (an hour and thirty minutes drive) where thousands of tourists go on a pilgrimage. The Resort is designed with conservation in mind, the residents and guests would get to experience the warmth of the community by participating in local activities such as fishing trips and participating in the annual Aboakyere Festival and other cultural activities.

The Outskirts also provides opportunities for you to enjoy yoga and meditation, nature walks, hiking on the Manko mountain, whale watching, turtle watching, kayaking, biking and hiking tours, and paragliding. Tap here to learn more about Ghana Oceanfront property for sale or to own a piece of paradise at Outskirts Resort – Villas, suites, and private beach houses in Ghana for sale. 

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