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This guide will provide you with information on how to find the perfect luxury apartment in Ghana. You will learn about some of the best areas to rent in Ghana, the process of renting a luxury apartment, and some of the common problems people face when renting luxury apartments in Ghana.

Whether you are in search of a luxury studio apartment, 1-4 bedroom apartment, duplex, townhouse, or penthouse, I have the best options that will meet your needs. Let’s get into this short but comprehensive guide.

1. Work with a Realtor

Real estate in Ghana can be a bit tricky without experience and local knowledge. Many foreigners end up losing money trying to navigate the Ghanaian real estate space without a professional guide. An expert real estate agent will guide you in acquiring the apartment or house that meets your needs. Whether it is a waterfront home or a 2 bedroom apartment in East Legon, working with a real estate agent will save you time and money. 

You will also get premium treatment as well as value for your money since you will find exactly what you are looking for. A real estate agent can professionally guide you to the best luxury apartments in Accra.

The Government of Ghana will also be passing a bill in 2023 which will make it illegal to broker any form of real estate transaction without a registered agent. So always work with a real estate agent if you want to get true value for your real estate investment.

2. Furnished or Unfurnished 

Whiles most luxury apartments in Accra come furnished, you might still find some that come unfurnished. Make sure to verify the amenities that come with the apartment that you want to rent. If the price is very low but in a good neighbourhood then you should check whether it comes furnished or not. Some travellers get tricked by this, which is why it is always advisable to go through an agent so there are no surprises. 

3. Facilities

Renting luxury apartments in Ghana is costly and as such, you should always confirm what will be available within the condominium that you are renting. A luxury apartment in Ghana should come with at least a concierge service, a pool, a gym, and of course spectacular views. Find out all you can about the property from the agent so you know you are in for a good time.

Some luxury apartment complexes have rooftop bars and infinity swimming pools which I highly recommend for those that want to enjoy the extravagant city life of Accra. 

Accra also has luxury smart homes that are ideal for tech-savvy adventurers. If having Alexa open and close your curtains or turning your light on or pre-heating your bathtub before you jump sounds good to you then you should consider a smart home in Accra.

4. Central Location

As much as all the fun stuff happens in Accra, there are areas within Accra where you get to experience a lot of fun. Areas such as Osu, Labone, and Ridge are great for people that want to experience the vibrant nightlife of Accra. There are also the Cantonments, Airport Residential, and East Legon areas that have lots of nightlife activity but also give you some peace of mind to enjoy your stay. These areas are centrally located so moving from place to place is easy. 

You can get a ride on Uber or Bolt within these areas in under 3 minutes. Luxury apartments in Cantonments are preferred because they have good roads, are close to the airport, and are also centrally located so it is easy to move around town from Cantonments. The same can be said of luxury apartments in East Legon.

5. Price of Luxury Apartments in Ghana

I’m sure you are excited about your upcoming stay in Ghana but like most of my clients you might be wondering, “How much does an apartment cost in Ghana?”

Living in the best parts of Ghana doesn’t come cheap. The price of renting luxury apartments in Accra differs from place to place but you should be able to get luxury serviced apartments in Accra, Ghana between $100 – $500 per night. The price is also affected by the period you decide to book. Renting a place during the December Ghana season will cost more.

There is a lot more to what to look out for when renting luxury apartments in Ghana and I would be glad to have a conversation with you so I can help you find the right apartment for your stay in Accra. Ghana is one of the safest and most peaceful countries in all of Africa and the world and I can guarantee you that you will have a great time in Ghana.

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The Comprehensive Guide to Renting Luxury Apartments in Ghana

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