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Is there a gravitational shift going on, are people starting to look at your country or area as the best place to holiday? This perspective works for both international and resident holidaymakers, More residents are choosing to take staycations by holidaying locally – if your country or area is the “Happening” place capitalize on that. We are also in times when working from home is on the rise, people are able to take time away more than they previously could and balance work and relaxation, this could also be a good pointer to observe for a holiday investment. A flourishing market is the machine on which the art of the holiday investment runs creating an ideal environment for positive yields in rental income and revenue.


Enjoy when you want to & earn revenue when you want to. There is nothing more fulfilling than having the best of both worlds. Owning a holiday home that you can enjoy with loved ones, (because you deserve it too 😊) and when you are not on holiday, earn income with short-stay rentals. Where you get to earn can be very lucrative in maximizing your property. Now that’s what balance and a smart investor look like. A bonus which you might not realize because it’s so passive (and yes the goal is passive income) is when your property continues to appreciate in value as demand increases, giving an increase in capital gains anytime you choose to sell or leverage its value for a loan. Another bonus your property pays for the personal holiday stays. Say yes to balance.


An experience is what every holidaymaker is looking for and your tenants’ experience from the welcome, setting, the little and big luxuries, amenities, their comfort, sleep, food, activities etc makes up the total experience. Creating a phenomenal experience for your tenants will keep your property as number one in demand. Spare no effort in maximizing your property’s features to give an unforgettable experience for free word-of-mouth marketing and repeat bookings. A simple addition of a hot tub or some bonfire feature can instantly increase the excitement of staying at your holiday home. It can be a great source of a second income.


Owning a short-stay property is so rewarding and it’s essential that the property is maintained to keep giving tenants what they expect and more so that you keep receiving. We all love the concept of giving and receiving and maintenance does just that for you. Investing in keeping your property up to par and continuously innovating without losing its essence is an art you should master that will keep you afloat with positive investment yields. While it’s worth being aware that owning a short-stay property. A properly maintained holiday home gives you fulfilment and invested gains every day.

Living Space - 233 Boulevard Cantonments Apartments
Bedroom - 233 Boulevard Cantonments Apartments

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