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Buying a luxury apartment in Accra can be a daunting task. Factors to consider such as pricing and payment terms, location, size, and quality of build come into play when potential buyers start their apartment search in Accra. Apartments in Accra cost upwards of the Ghana cedi equivalent of $85K depending on some of the factors mentioned above. The developer’s brand reputation also influences apartment pricing. In this article, we will go through the various factors to look out for when looking to buy an apartment in Accra and how one can get the best value and returns on investment from venturing into the Ghanaian luxury real estate market.

Location, Utilities and Amenities

Although Accra is relatively a safe city, one can never be too careful in making sure that the location in which your chosen property is situated, is one which is secure. The provision of 24/7 security is key in selecting a property to buy. Most apartment complexes in Accra have their own security on site, with CCTV cameras monitoring all communal areas. High-end luxury apartments usually have concierge services, giving their residents the assurance and comfort of safety and convenience.

It is also convenient to select your apartment in a development that is close to good social amenities such as schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and supermarkets. Most developers in Accra who build condominiums select their building sites with all these in mind. Some even go the extra length of including restaurants, gyms, bowling alleys, spas, and movie theatres within their developments.

The affluent suburbs typically have an uninterrupted supply of utilities, private waste disposal, and backup facilities where the national grid or mains water faces shortages. Choosing your apartment in a location with a stable supply of utilities comes with peace of mind which is priceless.

Not only is it convenient to buy an apartment close to good amenities and utilities, but you should also consider the property’s proximity to major roads that allow for quick and easy connections to other parts of Accra.

It is common knowledge that properties will appreciate with time, but there is a catch – your apartment may depreciate in value if you choose one in a development that is improperly zoned.

In a scenario where you buy an apartment in a neighbourhood that has been earmarked to be a central transport station or local market, you may not be able to live in or get long-term tenants because of the noise that will be generated by all the activity around the development. It is therefore imperative that you research to find out if your property is zoned in a location that may pose some disadvantages in the future. Conducting searches and checks with the Ghana planning and zoning guidelines is a good way to ensure that your apartment value will not drop.


The Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) is in charge of all categories of tax collection, thus Property Tax (between 0.5% to 5%) falls under their purview. As a property owner in good standing, you must ensure that you regularly pay the appropriate tax rates on your property to avoid any future sanctions, regardless of your nationality. Withholding Tax (between 5% to 8%) is collected on rental income and proceeds from property sales by the GRA as well.

Ground rent for properties on skin and stool lands is collected by the Ghana Lands Commission. At times ground rent is covered by developers in the collection of monthly service charges, but in other instances, it is to be paid directly to the Lands Commission by the property owner.

The Developer and Your Agent

Practically all luxury apartments in Ghana are built by private real estate developers. They typically construct mid to large-size apartment and townhouse complexes, consisting of studios, 1–4-bedroom apartments/houses, penthouses, and duplexes.

To avoid any unfortunate dealings when setting out to buy an apartment in Accra, it is prudent to research and find reputable developers with solid track records. Experienced and trusted realtors or real estate agents are great resources in finding developers that meet your housing or investment needs. They would typically help you in conducting searches to determine the authenticity and genuineness of the developer’s claim to the land on which your apartment is built, talk you through the buying process, educate you on the kinds of yield you should expect from your investment, introduce you to mortgage companies if need be, and generally make the process as smooth and easy as possible. It is also advisable to visit the site of your apartment in person, and if possible have it professionally evaluated.

Depending on your specifications, a finished apartment can come furnished by the developer, or unfurnished for you to apply your own flair. There are a good number of interior decorators in Accra as well, should you wish to go that route.

Ghana has a diverse listing of luxury apartments for sale, especially in Accra. Working with a seasoned real estate agent like myself is the best way to get the most value from your investment. Book a free consultation and I would be happy to discuss with you and showcase to you the options available in Accra, Ghana.

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